1. The heat pump delivers as much cooling as you need during the hot weather months.
2. The heat pump also keeps you toasty on chilly days.
3. The furnace provides all the heat you want when the temperature gets seriously cold.
No Hassle Limmited Warranty

How Dual Fuel Systems Enhance Your Comfort

In addition to the money-saving advantages, you can look forward to a higher level of comfort because you're covered for the full range of temperatures.

You'll also appreciate the whisper-quiet operation and long-term dependability of the Comfortmaker® Dual Fuel System.

How Dual Fuel Systems Save You Money

In mild outdoor conditions, heat pumps use the available outdoor warmth and bring it inside efficiently. As the weather gets colder, gas or oil furnaces are the most comfortable and efficient way to heat your home. So, combining an electric heat pump and a gas or oil (also known as "fossil fuel") furnace is the smart solution for both comfort and energy savings. This combination gives you the maximum savings on both heating and cooling while providing you with ideal indoor comfort. Best of all, the Comfortmaker® Dual Fuel System is programmed to monitor outdoor temperatures and switch automatically between electric power and fossil fuel. You are always heating and cooling with the most efficient fuel source—for comfort with confidence!

Your System Is Protected With Our State-Of-The-Art True Dual Fuel Thermostats

This technologically advanced thermostat automatically switches between the heat pump and the furnace in response to the settings. Unlike other dual fuel controls, it protects the system—making sure the heat pump and the furnace never operate in heating at the same time and properly managing the defrost cycle. Best of all, it's easy to install to work with both packaged systems or separate furnace and electric heat pump installations.